How to manage a Facebook Page for your law practice

August 3, 2012

Anyone who saw the movie “The Social Network” knows that Facebook began as a way for college kids to communicate with other co-eds. Needless to say, the website has come a long way since then. Today, with more than 900 million users, Facebook is a valuable marketing tool for businesses and law firms alike.

Small firms and solo practitioners can use Facebook as a social media platform to attract new customers and build a reputation in the community. Additionally, maintaining a Facebook presence is very easy to do in just a few minutes a day from a computer or even your mobile device.

Still, you might feel slightly intimidated because starting a Facebook Page for your law practice is different from creating an individual profile or group. To help you get started, here are five tips for managing a Facebook Page for your small firm or solo practice:

1. Claim a vanity Facebook address. Instead of a URL like, you could claim a cleaner URL such as This is easily done by visiting Keep in mind that your page must have 25 “likes” before this is an option.

2. Get family and friends to “like” your page. The best way to start gaining visibility is by asking friends, colleagues and family members to “like” your Facebook Page. Some businesses on Facebook also offer giveaways when they reach a certain number of likes. Another option is to pay for advertising.

3. Provide links to your website and blog. Your Facebook Page should provide direct links back to your firm’s main website and blog, if you have one. Your contact information should also be listed on your Facebook Page, giving potential clients the opportunity to call or email you on the spot.

4. Post and share content that fans will find useful. On the other hand, your Facebook Page shouldn’t be all about marketing your firm. You should post links to content you find interesting such as a recent news story or an important court decision. You should also engage your fans by posting questions and responding to comments.

5. Keep up an active Facebook presence. While you don’t have to spend the entire day checking Facebook, it’s important to stop in every few days at least to keep your page fresh. Social media is a living breathing thing, and you don’t want your Facebook fan base to die out on you.

With these tips in mind, you are ready to go out and create a Facebook Page for your small firm or solo practice. Once you get started, I think you will find that you “like” promoting your practice and interacting with your community on Facebook.


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