How Forms Fast-track Legal Docs: Tips and Tricks Webinars for Small Firms

August 6, 2013

imageA well-rounded forms library may be one of the first places you look when you begin working with a new client.  Solo attorneys, perhaps gathering a forms library was the first thing you did after hanging your shingle!

And you’ve probably figured out that updating and organizing your library is a never-ending task…which is why we’ve launched a new set of free Forms webinars, with tips that will reduce your workload whether you subscribe to a Forms content set or not.

Register for these upcoming legal forms webinars:

Official Forms:

Westlaw® Form Builder is the premier tool for online document assembly, and it now features official form content from the government entities themselves – so you can be sure they meet their requirements.

Six Reasons Why lawyers Love Westlaw Form Builder:  Jurisdiction-specific tools

How to Get the Most Value from Your Westlaw Form Builder Plan, 1 & 2:

Time-saving tips on drafting, editing, organizing and sharing

Prodoc in Westlaw Form Builder

Attend this free 30-minute webinar and discover how you can use Westlaw Form Builder to build ProDoc® forms online.

Blumberg & Westlaw Forms: Meet the New Couple for New York attorneys:

They found each other.  See how well Blumberg Legal Forms and Form Builder get along.