‘Get It Right the First Time – Selecting the Right Social Networks: An Introduction of Thomson Reuters’ Legal Professional Online Community’

September 23, 2015

networking imageThe most reliable way to grow your business as a solo or small firm attorney is by networking.  That’s been true since there have been lawyers; of course, it’s also always been true that networking effectively is challenging: what events do you attend, and just who do you talk to.  The internet changed the games for lawyer, and for everyone else; with the advent of online social groups, the world became one, big cocktail party.  Now, solos and small firm lawyers are taking to social media by the millions, to advertise their services and to network with referral sources.  The major social media services, including LinkedIn and Facebook, all offer groups features, so you can drill down on topics that interest you.  Sevices like MeetUp exist solely to facilitate group discussion.  Both public and private groups exist.

chair meetingThis is all good, certainly; but, it only exacerbates and expands the traditional networking challenge: What services do you access?  Which groups do you join?   With an overwhelming amount of options before you, how do you whittle down to truly effective online social engagement?  One solution, to more effectively utilize your time online, is to bifurcate your efforts.  Decide how and where you will advertise to clients, and how and where you will engage professional development and networking opportunities.

There are a number of useful marketing tips for small firm lawyers available through this blog, many of which tips espouse the virtues of planning.  Once you determine where and how you will market yourself from a professional development/networking standpoint, there will be a number of goals you can focus on achieving, including:

building your expertise, by staying up-to-date on hot topics in your practice area, through active social groups;

demonstrating your expertise through content marketing, in order to earn referrals;

expanding your network by interacting with more lawyers and legal professionals;

engaging like-minded people on subjects of interest to you;

finding other professionals with unique, focused experience, to assist you with a case — potentially an attorney from another jurisdiction, who can help you manage a complex, far-reaching matter

As you think about which networks to join, and where to become actively involved, consider Thomson Reuters’ newly-launched private, online Community, with membership limited to solo and small firm attorneys and legal support professionals.

The Legal Professional Online Community is currently available at no additional charge to those Thomson Reuters customers with access to FindLaw INSIGHT and WestlawNext.

If you’re a FindLaw INSIGHT customer, you can access Community through your reporting dashboard, by clicking on the chat bubble icon near your name.

Findlaw Insight

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If you’re a WestlawNext customer, you can access Community through the upper, right-hand corner of your WestlawNext homepage OR you can access the Community through the new Share with Community function.

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Note: You will be redirected to log in via your OnePass ID if you aren’t currently logged in to WestlawNext.

Questions?  Concerns?  Please contact the Community manager via email at legal-community.admin@thomsonreuters.com.