Customer Confessions: Love for Westlaw CaseLogistix

August 17, 2012

We all strive to be better than we were yesterday. It’s a natural inclination. That innate mind-set is how you as lawyers survived law school and how I somehow found a way to graduate college.

One of the best ways for your law practice to be better than yesterday is through continued efficiency, and Westlaw Case Logistix is a document-review software tool that is dedicated to make you more organized and efficient.

Don’t believe me?

Just ask Dan Yamauchy, law clerk at Hoey Law Firm in San Diego, who finds working without Westlaw CaseLogistix unimaginable.

“I can’t imagine handling cases with the degree of complexity, in the litigation that we do, without having some way to remain on top of everything, and CaseLogistix has allowed us to be as organized as possible…(There is) no better tool on the market than CaseLogistix.”

Emails and pdf files are becoming more prevalent in your case workload. Thus, e-discovery has created an unprecedented need for efficiency to control your expenditures of both time and money.

Furthermore, clients are demanding more value for their dollar and billing time to a client means ensuring the time is productively spent toward the highest value of the end product.

And after all, you went to law school to practice law, not to review documents right?

That’s why with the intuitive navigation and review features that Westlaw Case Logistix provides, from native document review to organizing documents with IntelliFolders, you can spend more of your time analyzing the documents and making a legal argument, rather than reviewing and organizing.

For Dan, organization is imperative to his work and being efficient. He finds Westlaw CaseLogistix and its capability to organize rather similar to a playbook for a football team.

“Working without CaseLogistix as a tool to help you stay organized would be like coaching a football team without having a playbook…and just telling your players ‘good luck out there.’”

If you’re concerned about the time it usually takes to adopt a new product, or you’re tentative to change the way you practice law, don’t be. We’ve made Westlaw CaseLogistix simple and offer free, unlimited training to help minimize the transition time.

“I hope to continue to use CaseLogistix…to keep everything as simple and efficient as possible.”  – Dan Yamauchy

For additional training join our next webinar:   Tips and Tricks to Help you Get the Most out of Westlaw CaseLogistix  Tuesday, August 21st 1:30PM CT. Click here to register!