Community Service: Two Surprising Ways It’s Good for the Soul, and for Business

January 9, 2014

Team Of Volunteers Picking Up Litter In Suburban StreetCommunity service has always been an important part of the firm’s identity, and has provided a rewarding outlet for its attorneys who wish to contribute their time to meaningful causes outside the practice of law.  However, community service has also been more than just a means to give back.  The firm’s community presence through service has been an enduring source of many client relationships. 

Hahn & Hahn LLP has traditionally stayed away from mainstream marketing through print and electronic media.  Instead, the bulk of the firm’s client relationships come from word-of-mouth referrals and other informal channels.  In this respect, the firm’s community service efforts have in many ways become its marketing, introducing its attorneys and the firm’s reputation to the community it serves professionally.  This “community service marketing” has the added benefit that it introduces not only the names and faces of the attorneys, but it also showcases their skills, dedication, passions, and personalities to the many individuals with whom they serve.

Community service has yet another, more subtle, benefit as it relates to client development.  Because of the significant amount of time that the firm’s attorneys spend in the community, working and talking with residents and neighbors, community service allows the firm to better know its current and prospective clients, their wants, their needs, and their concerns, on a personal level.  This personal understanding in turn allows the firm to better anticipate and address many issues that matter most to clients.  This mutual familiarity — in many cases before a client relationship is even established — simply could not happen without the firm’s extensive community involvement.

Since its establishment in 1899, Hahn & Hahn LLP in Pasadena, California has had a long tradition of involvement in community affairs.  Members of the firm have served in a variety of local charitable organizations, including Five Acres Boys & Girls Aid Society of Los Angeles, Boy Scouts, Pasadena Historical Society, Junior League of Pasadena, Pasadena Junior Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, and Huntington Memorial Hospital.  Additionally, four of its partners have served as President of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association (the organization that puts on the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game), including this year’s President, R. Scott Jenkins.

In a manner of speaking, community service is a two-way street for Hahn & Hahn LLP:  Each year, the firm gives back to a community from which it also receives much.  The firm does well by doing good.