Case Evaluator Goes Mobile!

October 19, 2012

WestlawTime is everything for attorneys, especially solo practitioners and small law firms.

So we began to ask: What if there was a way to quickly asses the value of cases and settlements on the go with your Smartphone?

Now there is with Case Evaluator Mobile!

This new web-enabled app displays case outcomes and award amounts, helping you determine the value of the potential cases and evaluate proposed settlements.  It is optimized for your Smartphone so you can use it anywhere – in court, in settlement negotiations, on the road, or in the airport.

Case Evaluator Mobile lets you:

  • Create new reports and view old reports
  • View awards by party, amount awarded and the criteria used
  • Filter your searches by jurisdiction, case type and injury/loss type
  • Deliver a PDF report via email

If you are interested in learning more about Case Evaluator Mobile, please click here