3 Tools Made for You, Transactional Attorneys

February 15, 2012

When I studied painting, I practiced all manner of skill-sharpening exercises: drawing with my recessive hand, writing backwards with my dominant hand, and completing a piece beginning-to-end with one line (without lifting the pen from the page).  Results were acceptable.  But it’s just awkward.

So it must be for transactional attorneys who find themselves using software, systems and online services built for litigators.  I’d like to highlight a few tools that were expressly built with legal transactions mind:

  • The new Westlaw Drafting Assistant – Transactional is the newest automated tool and content to help attorneys prepare transactional documents with greater efficiency and accuracy.  This new version of Westlaw Drafting Assistant for transactions integrates into Microsoft® Word® to let you access legal contract writing tools and supporting documents without leaving your desktop application.  Watch an interview with Thomson Reuters Westlaw’s leader of new product development, Andy Martens, introducing the new tool:

  • Westlaw FormFinder, in national or state-specific plans, including the most comprehensive, up-to-date forms & analysis content available online as well as a search tool that makes finding the right form a snap.
  • Westlaw Form Builder, provides online document assembly with links to related content on Westlaw Classic or WestlawNext.