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New Year, New Lawyer: Firm Resolution #1, Get Paid

Jan 6, 2016 By: Jared Correia

For most clients, time is of the essence when their cases are pending; this doesn’t seem to continue after representation has completed and payment is due.

Better margins & happier clients in 2016

Dec 29, 2015 By: Amy Larson

Since the 2008 economic downturn, 68 percent of lawyers say that clients are demanding more for less. How can you satisfy your clients and your margins?

Put feng shui to work in your small firm’s public spaces: the Reception Lobby

Dec 22, 2015 By: Lorrie Webb Grillo

This is the third in a series of lifestyle posts for overworked attorneys, sponsored by the Firm Central practice management free trial program.

Help Us Help Others: Donating for every new Community member

Dec 18, 2015 By: Rebecca Enrooth

This month, you can help Thomson Reuters is giving a little extra to thousands of families in need.

Prospective clients want an attorney – but they also want a person

Dec 17, 2015 By: Jeremy Byellin

Many attorneys fail to understand the importance of a key component to success: personally connecting with clients, past, current, and prospective.

Use feng shui to set up a home office for maximum productivity and support

Dec 10, 2015 By: Lorrie Webb Grillo

If you are setting up a home office, consider these feng shui tips to boost your productivity and set yourself up for success.

Five Ways for Overworked Attorneys to Relax at the Office

Nov 19, 2015 By: Jessica Josephson

Here are 5 tricks to manage stress and relax while in the office.

Law Firm Pricing Options: Their Choice Means Less Pressure on You

Oct 29, 2015 By: Jeff Frette

It seems like an insurmountable tide for small law firms—how do you squeeze more time out of attorneys—or, lower your hourly rates for clients—while you’re facing inflation, costs, salary increases at year-end, and more?

Tip of the Week: Using Share with Community in Westlaw

Sep 28, 2015 By: Legal Solutions

Westlaw’s “Share with Community” feature functions as everyday team collaboration as well as broadening your network of feedback on specific case questions.

‘Get It Right the First Time – Selecting the Right Social Networks: An Introduction of Thomson Reuters’ Legal Professional Online Community’

Sep 23, 2015 By: Jared Correia

As you think about which networks to join, and where to become actively involved, consider Thomson Reuters’ newly-launched private, online Community, with membership limited to solo and small firm attorneys and legal support professionals.

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