Everything you need to protect your organization.

A suite of legal, regulatory and business solutions for corporate professionals.

You need to provide guidance and leadership for your organization and address complex issues as they arise. We know how time-consuming it is to first conduct the research, and then develop statements of strategy and policy. Westlaw delivers a wealth of research tools, background information, and sample policy language ideal for in-house counsel.

 Use the power of Westlaw to advise the corporation.

Westlaw offers a vast collection of materials to empower your work, including:

  • Litigation management tools
  • Checklists for corporate counsel
  • Model agreements
  • Corporate governance guidance and materials
  • Public records investigative tools
  • Intellectual property guides
  • And much, much more


  • WestlawNext – Modern legal research technology enables you to conduct research significantly faster, to increase savings and reduce costs. WestlawNext efficiency and innovations bring substantial value to the legal research partnership between in-house and outside counsel.
  • Serengeti – The #1 ranked system for matter management and e-billing among both corporations and firms, as well as the most widely used system.
  • Pangea3 – Global legal outsourcing solutions that help legal departments expand their capacity, improve efficiency and innovate while saving money.
  • Corporate Litigation Resources on Westlaw – Conduct legal research, monitor litigation trends, manage outside counsel, prepare for trial and more.
  • Thomson Reuters News & Insight – A new online service for New York Attorneys that delivers the latest news from Reuters combined with documents and analysis from Westlaw.
  • West LegalEdcenter – A uniquely positioned to provide customers with the most comprehensive and cost-effective programming for their strategic learning needs. Whether they need to fulfill CLE requirements, stay current in their practice area, or research the latest hot topics.
  • Westlaw Patents – Spend less time on patent research and find more. Nobody offers you more comprehensive patent law and information or more powerful search tools.
  • Form Finder – Form Finder searches more than 600000 forms to help you find federal, state- specific, or nonjurisdictional content
  • CLEAR – Industry-leading public records investigative tool for corporate security, investigations, collections and more.
  • PeopleMap – Industry-leading public records investigative tool matching people with assets, court records, contact information and more.
  • Reg & Leg Center – Monitor and research comprehensive regulatory and legislative material via easy-to-use topics.