Streamline your document assembly online.

Westlaw Form Builder automates and speeds up the building of your forms, based on the client-specific data you supply. Learn more about Westlaw Form Builder.

Westlaw Form Builder: Accurate, Convenient, Essential

  • Save time and reduce errors by entering client and case data – then reuse it for multiple documents
  • Conveniently access your forms online from anywhere via forms.westlaw.com
  • Be confident your forms are always current thanks to continuous updating
  • Access free links to WestlawNext from any cited authority, including statutes, codes, and relevant analytical material
  • Expand your practice into new areas of law with forms for a variety of practice areas

Isn’t it time to simplify document assembly?
Access 20,000+ official and lawyer-tested forms from well-known, highly respected sources and authors:

  • McKinney’s for New York, Trawick’s for Florida, and ProDoc and West practice series titles for various states
  • Alan S. Gutterman for business forms
  • Ronald L. Lipman for estate planning forms
  • Official USCIS forms for immigration, with commentary by Austin T. Fragomen Jr.

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Find your form faster.

With thousands of ready-to-use legal forms, Westlaw has the form you need. Form Finder searches more than 600,000 forms to help you find federal, state-specific, or nonjurisdictional content. Access text forms, official PDF forms (eforms) for all fifty states, plus checklists and clauses.

View a demo » This short video shows how Form Finder on WestlawNext can help you track down virtually any type of form for your jurisdiction.

Find exactly the form, checklist or clause you need.

  • Text forms – Sample contracts and other forms that you can download and edit to fit your situation. To save you even more time, text forms are also available in an Easy-Edit (RTF) format – with all extraneous information (headers, footers, copyrights and Westlaw links) removed.
  • Official PDF forms (eforms) for all 50 states – Documents you can fill out electronically offer you the most convenient way to complete official government forms that do not otherwise need to be modified.
  • Checklists – Listings of the key components for any given legal document or matter.
  • Clauses – Sample language from contracts and other legal documents that you can copy and paste into your drafting application, then edit to fit your needs. Perfect for modifying an existing document to account for an uncommon circumstance or application.
  • Tools to help you find your form faster.

When you use Form Finder on WestlawNext, you also benefit from:

  • Form Facets – Narrow your search results efficiently with facets, such as the jurisdiction, practice area, content type, form type, forms viewed in the previous 30 days, and documents in folders; facets are provided for all form results
  • Easy Edit – Make your documents letter-perfect by using Easy Edit to remove extraneous information, such as publication data, headers, footers, copyrights and WestlawNext links. Easy Edit is included in your plan and covers almost all text forms and clauses on WestlawNext
  • Learn About – These editor-created documents define the subtopics available in Form Finder, explain how forms are categorized, and provide links to other WestlawNext resources related to the subtopic
  • Form Families – Quickly identify additional forms related to your form’s title, your topic, and the phase of your workflow

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