Built from the best of Westlaw.  Designed for the way you think – and work.

WestlawNext is a new legal research system that makes searches more intuitive and efficient, results more inclusive and relevant. So you’ll have confidence like never before that a simple word search delivers the documents you need.

  • Easier to use, thanks to a clean, intuitive design with a customizable display and quick-read visual indicators that help you track your research.
  • Dramatically improved search with WestSearch™, the world’s most advanced legal search engine. A query of simple descriptive terms searches all Westlaw content – no need to pick a database or use precise search terms – and displays the most relevant results first. You can also narrow results by document type, jurisdiction, date, and other criteria.
  • Analyze and organize more efficiently by dragging-and-dropping documents into research folders, highlighting text, adding research notes, and more.

Plus, WestlawNext was built upon the foundation already provided by the core advantages that separate Westlaw from other research services:

  • Comprehensive legal content, including primary law, legal analysis, and litigation materials.
  • Tools to help you find it faster, such as editorial enhancements, industry-leading search and linking technologies, 24/7 research assistance, and more.
  • Trusted accuracy through case corrections and KeyCite, the most complete, accurate, up-to-the-minute citation service.

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