Trial Lawyers Cookbook: Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbet, and Granita

July 23, 2014


Thanks to Thomson Reuters, my cuz Tom Vesper and I are offering to anyone and everyone who shows up this year in Baltimore for AAJ’s convention a chance to hit a grand slam for

  1. themselves,
  2. their families,
  3. their friends, and
  4. their personal injury clients

This grand slam does not require you to step up to the plate at Camden Yards, just stroll by the Thomson Reuters exhibit and check out my new (and first) book Trial Lawyers Cookbook (OK, ok, so I had a little help from my cousin Thomas).

AAJ & all PI lawyers can learn: “The 4 Steps of Pain”

  1. Quality,
  2. Quantity,
  3. Duration, and
  4. Relief Methods

Which will help:

  1. themselves,
  2. their medical experts,
  3. their staff, and most important will dramatically improve
  4. their clients’ medical treatment, DME (Defense Medical Exams), depositions, and trial testimony.

Speaking of “quatros” – here’s four of the different types of desserts we offer you in the “Intermezzo” section of our cookbook:


1.  Ice Cream – custard base of milk, cream, sugar, and egg yolks. Churning this as it cools gives it a smooth texture and puts air in ice cream for a light-textured, creamy result.

2. Gelato – starts with similar ice cream custard base, but it’s churned slower and frozen at a slightly warmer temp; slow churning puts in less air, so gelato is denser. A higher freezing temperature means gelato stays silkier & softer; also more likely for gelato to use a lower proportion of cream and eggs (or none at all) so main flavor ingredient shines through.

3. Sorbet – dairy and egg-free, made from fruit juice or flavored water and simple syrup;  churned like ice cream to give it a soft and snowy texture (sherbet usually contains some amount of milk or cream in addition to the fruit juice).

4. Granita – granitas are just like sorbets except they’re made by hand; their liquid base is poured into a shallow dish and frozen. At intervals the base is stirred to break up the ice crystals as they form. The result is a frozen dessert with a coarse and flaky texture.

Sorbetto is usually a dessert. An intermezzo is a palate cleanser. These two sharp-tasting ices are a bit of both and highlight our love of Campari, my Cuz Dom’s homemade limoncello, and citrus flavors. Enjoy a “clean-up” of your taste buds between courses, or let these two recipes be your light touches to finish off any good, rich meal.

. . . .  TRUST ME ON THIS FOLKS – when it comes to ice cream, gelato, sorbet and granite recipes – WE GOT ‘EM – PLEASE COME AND CHECK ‘EM OUT @ Thomson Reuters Exhibit area during AAJ Convention – If we can get the hotel to agree to it I will try to have some “SAMPLES” for you and your friends & family to savor – CIAO!!