The top 5 things about my nontraditional legal career

February 18, 2015

Keyboard typingThere are so many things you can do with a law degree. We have all heard it a million times, but when you are fresh out of law school and looking for something different or working a typical law job you don’t like, those millions of options seem few and far between.

I’m here to tell you that there are nontraditional legal careers out there, and I have one of them as a content strategist with FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters business. Although I went to law school with the intent of practicing law, I came to find a nontraditional legal career to be most appealing.

Here are the top five things I love about my nontraditional legal career:

  1. I write about the law, but not in the form of boring briefs or memos. Writing blog posts and legal marketing content almost always benefits from being creative and trying new things, which cannot be said about most forms of legal writing.
  2. It keeps me in the (legal) loop. Jumping back into the legal sector is always an option because I am constantly reading and writing about legal news and developments. My employer also makes it easy to keep my attorney license and take on pro-bono cases.
  3. I don’t work those crazy-long attorney hours. For the most part, I put in 40-hour workweeks and use up my vacation time without guilt. My job is fulfilling without being overwhelming, which can be the case for many young attorneys who are trying to balance a career, a family and their sanity.
  4. It allows me to pursue multiple passions at once. My job allows me to combine my love for writing, the law and marketing, all at once. That means there is always an interesting new concept to be explored or tested out.
  5. I hardly ever have to dress up. Working a lot of the time from home and some of the time in an office with a “workplace casual” dress code means I spend a lot of my days in yoga pants or jeans, and though it may sound trivial, this makes me happy!

With all of that said, I think the best way to find a nontraditional legal career that best suits your needs is to identify your passion and then follow it.

I have always loved to write; it’s what led me to major in journalism, go to law school and eventually take my current position.

Think about the passion that has led you down the path you have taken, and it might just direct you to your own fulfilling nontraditional legal career.