Sales Training and the Power of 3

March 13, 2014

4541When it comes to business development, there’s an old rule about the importance of keeping your name in front of a prospective client 3 times a year.  I’ve often noticed that this rule of 3 works in other areas, how new business tends to come from 3 sources –clients, referrals, and new prospects – and that the oft-reported theory that developing contacts has 3 components: go where they go, know who they know, and read what they read.

The more that I’ve thought about it, the more that I’ve noticed even more ways in which it seems there’s something powerful about the number 3:

  • When you hear an ad on the radio, the contact info (whether phone number or web address) is almost always repeated 3 times.
  • There were three musketeers, not two.
  • Genies in magic lamps offer 3 wishes.
  • The third time, not the second or fourth, is the charm.
  • Goldilocks encountered 3 bears.
  • While Larry and Moe shared the screen and their antics with Shem, Curly, and Curly Joe, people still always talk about the Three Stooges.
  • The Big Bad Wolf was foiled by the 3rd of 3 Little Pigs.
  • In sports, there’s often talk of the “triple threat.”

Many of these connections may be coincidental, but I do know this: when clients send articles, legislative updates, unusual verdicts, or a simple note to their clients and prospects just 3 times each year, sales happen. Their profile remains high, and the likelihood of receiving a call triples.