New features in the WestlawNext Alert Management Center

February 26, 2014

WestlawNextIn the Internet era, quantity of information is rarely the issue.

Rather, the challenge lies in sifting through the sheer volume of what is available, curating the relevant material and presenting it in a useful, efficient format. This may be especially true in a law firm environment; attorneys’ time is always at a premium and that heightens the importance of presenting need-to-know information gracefully and functionally.

Enter the new Alert Management Center.

The Alert Management Center, a next-generation upgrade of Westlaw Watch, serves to help firm administrators organize, manage and streamline the updates they receive and distribute across their organizations.

“One essential feature of the new Alert Management Center is the ability administrators have to customize and moderate newsletters. They can reorder the results, remove specific documents and add comments prior to delivery, enabling recipients to benefit from additional insight and analysis,” said Jill Roisum, senior director of Product Development at Thomson Reuters.

The Alert Management Center’s new ‘tagging’ feature allows administrators to dispatch certain information only to particular groups, thus delivering vital information without generating excess inbox clutter.

This is helpful in situations in which, say, a law firm librarian is in charge of keeping various practice groups updated. With the Alert Management Center, there is no need to expect intellectual property attorneys to rummage through updates intended for the estate planning team in order to find what they need to know.

Furthermore, the Alert Management Center seamlessly authenticates with Westlaw Next, enabling users to smoothly access the material that interests them without needing to sign in. That element is representative of the fluidity and practicality that were chief priorities in creating the new Alert Management Center.

To set up an Alert Management Center that’s bespoke to you and your firm, read more about it here or log in to WestlawNext.