Google Authorship: Three Reasons Why It Pays to Be an Author(ity)

May 30, 2013

blog writing Content can be a powerful marketing tool for attorneys. The question is: How do you get your blog posts, articles and other written material to stand out on the Internet?

Google can help. The search engine recently unveiled Google Authorship, a platform that allows experts such as attorneys to claim ownership for their content wherever it appears on the Web.

To use Authorship, you need a Google+ profile. The platform connects pages where your online writing appears and links them to your Google+ profile. The more links you have, the more reliable your content is deemed to be.

So why might Authorship be worth dipping into?

1. You build authority

The more you write, the more authority you build. Google Authorship helps you create a body of a work potential clients can readily access.

2. You build trust

On the Internet, anyone who writes a lot can claim to be an expert. But not all experts are created equal. You need a reputation for reliable expertise. Authorship rewards that reliability.

3. You stand out

One bonus Google Authorship benefit: attaching your photograph to your content links. That can help you stand out — and allow potential clients to put a face to your name.

Final point: It’s crucial to keep your quality level high. If your information isn’t trustworthy and thought-provoking, Authorship’s low rankings of your online writing can make that very clear.

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