If you don’t know how to close

October 21, 2013

L-378667_RTR23GK8If your firm is not generating the amount and type of business you need, it likely means the attorneys don’t know how to close.  In a recent Closers Group U.S./Canada survey, 100% of responding lawyers said they had received no training in closing new business.  Solutions include bringing in your senior rainmakers, expand a mentoring program, bring in the outside business growth pros, and/or expand your firm’s professional development program.

Another problem we often see is attorneys repeating unsuccessful sales patterns because they don’t know what’s causing the losses.  Begin conducting post-mortems on your losses.  Call the prospect.  Tell them you respect their decision and are not trying to get them to revisit it.  You are trying to learn what’s causing you not to be selected so you can improve.

If you have conducted yourself respectfully, most people will agree to a brief phone conversation, and as long as you’re not sounding defensive, will often give you candid feedback.  You have to do everything possible to encourage candor, which means actually wanting to know why you lost.  Don’t even think of uttering a word of rebuttal, or you’ll blow your credibility entirely.