Creating a strategic business roadmap: Accessing and winning new clients

September 10, 2013

CloudCreating a successful roadmap for clients takes not only a closer look at the past, but also a clear examination of the challenges facing the company right now and in the immediate future. Whether it’s a new, prospective, or existing client, discovering and understanding the company’s challenges is key to developing a successful strategy with all possibilities considered.

Reassessing an existing client’s direction and potential hurdles improves client retention rates and shows dedication and commitment to success and service. A preliminary assessment of challenges for new and prospective clients is a great business development technique that helps align your firm’s sales efforts with the company’s marketing goals.

During the research and discovery process, there are a number of items that you’ll need to address with the client:

  • The company’s strategic direction now and in five years
  • The challenges and obstacles the client thinks are in the way of their goals
  • Any uncertainties or recent changes in the company that could impact the future
  • Any competitor or industry concerns
  • Any new products or services that will affect business

Gathering this knowledge will help you and your client effectively map out the future, aware of the challenges you may face. Assessing all the possibilities will improve your selling skills, your closing skills, and client retention. While the background research you’ve conducted will help you while you’re in the CLOSING ZONE, engaging with your clients about challenges ahead will ultimately secure your business relationship and future work.