AAJ Convention: Baltimore “The City that Reads”

July 16, 2014

GE7C6933Baltimore has lots of nicknames: Charm City, America’s Comeback City, Harm City, Bodymore, Murderland, The City of Firsts, Crab Cake Capital of the World, The Greatest City in America, Mobtown, Monument City . . . and The City That Reads. So, if I may respectfully suggest: please take a few minutes to READ about a new publication I have authored with my cousin Dominic to help trial lawyers better prepare their clients’ cases for discovery, depositions, and trial.

Some of the techniques my partners and I have used successfully to communicate with jurors will certainly add to your own weapons of advocacy. From saving money with immediate and initial investigation to delivering the best and most memorable opening statements – the personal injury case is dissected and discussed in each stage of its preparation and presentation.

This metaphoric manual has an delicious (pun intended) added feature – my cousins’ – both Cuz Dom & his wife Arlene – Southern Italian recipes, (some of them thousands of years old) handed down for generations to the Vespes (that was our family name), and some mixological mixtures and historical bocconcini (tid bits) of my own. One of my favorite “servings” is THE MARINE CORPS PUNCH:

1775 Fortitude Rum Punch

AKA “THE MARINE CORPS PUNCH” (a drink for any time before, during or after dinner)

BOCCONCINI: The Marine Corps Punch is a traditional beverage served to Marine Corps recruits starting on the Birthday of the Marine Corps, November 10, 1775, at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, during the American Revolution.

INGREDIENTS (Serves: As many as you and your “mess” or “dining in” like):

Jamaican rum

Lime juice

Maple sugar



1 part Dark Jamaican Rum

4 parts Lime juice

Maple sugar and grenadine to taste

Mix and pour over cracked ice in a glass punch bowl

From Uncle Anthony’s Unabridged Analogies, some of my favorite toasts for family & friends:

Italian Toast: Alla giornato! = To the day!

Italian Toast: Fino a quel momento! = Until that time!

Italian Toast: Propino tibi salutem! = I drink to your health! (longer version of toast above)

Italian Toast: Amore, salud, dinero, y tiempo para gustarle [EDITOR: En- glish translation: love, health, money, and time to enjoy it].

Italian Toast: It is well to remember the four reasons for drinking: 1. The ar- rival of a friend; 2. One’s present or future thirst; 3. The excellence of the wine; 4. Or any other reason.

Italian Wedding Toast: It is around the table that friends understand best the warmth of being together.