Three Factors to Build a Diverse Team

July 17, 2013

Team buildingWhat does it really mean to have “the best team on the field?”  In law firms, this typically refers to a well-rounded, effective team of lawyers to pitch work for a potential client.  But, this also should be something we keep in mind in everything that we do in our jobs.  It is always important to create the “best team.”  And, in order for a team to really be the best, it needs to be diverse.

Diverse opinions mean better ideas.  Better ideas lead to innovation and greater efficiency in all of the things we’re tasked with doing in our jobs every day. Putting together “the most diverse team on the field” goes a long way towards achieving this goal.

Three factors to accomplish this goal include:

  • Thinking styles
  • Life experiences
  • Introversion vs. extroversion

Find out how to use these three factors for a successfully diverse team of your own.  Click to read the full article “Putting the Most Diverse Team Out on the Field” published on the Legal Rebels section of the ABA Journal.