Revenue Growth and Firm Leadership – What’s Missing?

August 6, 2015

Losing moneyHow often have you heard from senior lawyers, “I’ve got lots of low hanging fruit”?  Statistics over the past 8 years indicate this sounds like they are talking a good-game but are not getting out face-to-face in order to pick that crop.  If, in fact, these claims are actually pursued, only 3% of the prospects are ready to buy, and the rest are either no longer interested, have retained someone else, or have moved on to other problems.  That’s right, just 3% are ready to engage you, according to a study by Business Breakthroughs.

Further, every firm has a number of tools that they are not using or using ineffectively, to grow revenue.  The more you look at your own firm and its business development strategies, the more you are going to find:

  • Underperforming assets;
  • Overlooked opportunities;
  • Hidden assets;
  • Under valued relationships.

And to further reinforce this challenge, 89.3% of ceo’s confirmed the need for their outside firms to build better relationships (Study by

What are needed are clarity, focus and execution, starting with firm leadership.  Firms need to start using tools which place more emphasis on “critical impact areas.”  These will lead to clear 90 Day Strategic Implementation Maps which identify action details, timing, resources needed and leadership assignments.  These lead to:

  • More revenue;
  • More clients;
  • More open doors.

Building a sustainable revenue path is the key to rapidly growing ROI.  Those who can have the most influence in turning this into productive revenue are the firm’s leaders.  Just as “marketing” has evolved into “business development,” business development must now evolve into “business generation and creation!”

Refining the roles and requirements of firm leadership need to focus on the complete picture:

  1. Underutilized assets;
  2. Development of suppressed skills sets of each professional;
  3. Hidden opportunities, both current and future;
  4. Under valued relationships;
  5. Timely associations with clients and contacts.

Revealing and implementing these five avenues to your firm’s leadership are keys to achievement, growth and success.  The major problem we see on an ongoing basis is the absence of holding people accountable for results.   Once Strategic Implementation Maps are approved by firm management, the most potential for success is if firm leaders help others overcome obstacles and challenges.

In summary, what are needed to accelerate revenue growth in your firm are clarity, focus and execution.  Take a hard look at what can be refined in order to identify those “critical improvement areas.”  Place your leaders in charge of implementing each and watch the revenue grow.