One Woman Attorney Taking Multitasking to a New Level

June 13, 2013

Working motherMany working mothers, attorneys or otherwise, can relate to balancing work and personal life and finding a way to ‘have it all.’  The reality for me set in one morning as, “I take a second to survey myself. I am standing at our kitchen counter cradling my eight-month-old in my left arm as she nurses, while using my right hand interchangeably to eat my breakfast, check my BlackBerry® for emails, and type away at my laptop on a brief that I was drafting.”  I had to think, “Is this something to be proud of? Here I am, a partner at one of the top law firms in the world, but what kind of example am I setting for professional women? Is this what is necessary for women attorneys to ‘make it’ or to ‘have it all’? Is my behavior something to inspire pride? Or shame?”

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