Legal Marketing: Three Reasons to Use Google+ to reach your local audience.

May 13, 2013

Google+ localGoogle wants to help you. Case in point: Google+ Local, a free tool that can help you connect with prospects by allowing you to “claim” your firm’s spot on Google search results.

Why use it?

1. It’s Local

Per Google, 97 percent of people looking for a local business now look online first or solely. Google+ Local boosts your neighborhood exposure in multiple ways. Prospects can find you through a Google search, a search on Google Maps or via Google+.

2. Richer Search Results

On top of that local enhancement, Google+ Local allows Web searchers to find your firm’s address and contact information and up to 10 photos. They can read client reviews. They can also view your Google+ profile and links to your blog posts and other writings.

3. Niche Marketing

A New Yorker searching for a lawyer probably won’t type “New York City attorney” into a search engine. He or she will be more precise, using a phrase such as “Queens labor attorney.” A complete Google+ Local profile will help link your firm to the appropriate niche.

One point to note before you dive in: free isn’t the same as easy. A Google+ Local profile can deliver tangible results, but make sure you have the time to devote to the endeavor. Few things can weaken your firm’s credibility faster than a neglected Web property.

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