Law Firm Marketing: Four Ways for Attorneys to Manage Online Reviews

May 23, 2013

Online ReviewsOver the last few decades online reviews have become an accepted part of online life. Consumers have a wealth of review information to choose from, and they can even post reviews directly to your Google+ Local profile.

How can you manage reviews? Here are four steps to help.

1: Pay attention

Set up search engine alerts for mentions of you or your firm on the Web. A more advanced approach: use dashboard-style tools that offer at-a-glance details on when and how your firm appears on the Internet.

2: Respond—in the right manner

A glowing review is a powerful marketing tool. Thanking the client reviewer is courteous and a way to keep your firm top of mind with him or her.

But what if you find a negative review? Or one with wrong information? Your best bet: reply with a well-crafted, respectful response. That’s not only good customer service, it’s also skillful PR that can repair damage done to your firm’s brand.

Note: Always check what your local bar association and other governing bodies say on the topic.

3: Ask for reviews (if it’s permissible)

Also check if it’s ethical to ask clients to write online reviews of your firm. If so, ask early — when the outcome is still fresh. And make it easy by suggesting the online venue(s) you prefer.

4: Steer clear of reviews-for-hire

There’s now an entire online-review writing industry. Smart move: stay away. Paying for reviews is an ethical violation and could get you in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission.

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