Facebook Graph Search: 3 Reasons Why Lawyers Should Tap in

May 27, 2013

FB Graph SearchFor all of its massive popularity, many attorneys have been slow to embrace Facebook as a serious marketing platform. That could well change now that the social media network has introduced a new feature called Graph Search.

Graph Search functions as a search engine. When a user types, say, “DWI attorney,” Graph Search digs through his or her connections, likes and comments for matches.

While Graph Search won’t threaten Google’s dominance anytime soon, there are reasons to keep tabs on it.

1. It’s Facebook

Graph Search plugs you into hundreds of local prospects. If your practice extends beyond your local area, it can reach even more.

2. It can help build your brand

Graph Search bases results on what people say about a business. If your firm is well respected by Facebook users, that puts you ahead of competitors who aren’t so well regarded.

3. It’s a work in progress — that’s loaded with potential

Graph Search is still new. Once people get used to it, look for it to take off.

Another point to consider: A study by Web analytics firm comScore found that mobile users searching for local businesses are more likely to use Facebook than search engine apps. In short, Facebook is becoming the Internet to mobile users.

How can you tap into that potential? Make sure your firm has a Facebook presence — and make sure your clients are happy to vouch for and like you online.

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