Engaging Prospects – A Professional Development “Must”

May 27, 2014

Attorney communicationWhat are your attorneys’ strategies for engaging with prospects? How do you assist them to improve sales?

Recently, I participated in a brainstorming session with a group of professionals. The focus was on how to improve selling. Even though the professionals represented different areas, they all agreed on which marketing tactics were the most effective. As a business development consultant, I listened closely to their feedback – so much so that we recommend expanding your business development training programs to include their top tactics.

Here are 5 of the top tactics for “engagement” mentioned:

  • Talk with, not at!   Engaging with a prospect is about more than just giving your pitch – it takes hearing your prospect out and responding to his or her needs.
  • Test your approaches with colleagues before the actual meeting or call. Practicing your pitch can help to do away with nerves and your colleagues’ feedback may help you improve the presentation.
  • Make sure that there is one “take-away” that is clearly communicated throughout the discussion and used in the follow-up.
  • Do not repeat. If the prospects don’t get something, move on. Don’t risk turning off your prospects or annoying them by belaboring a point.
  • Utilize “active listening.” Focus on what your prospect is saying rather than on what you plan to say next, nod or respond when it’s appropriate, and ask clarifying questions if you need to.

Engaging with prospects enables you to show your investment in working with them and is as crucial as your message when it comes to generating new business. You can learn more about engaging with prospects and increasing sales; and even more about the tactics related to adding substance to your presentations.