Business Development Opportunity: Mind – Set

February 18, 2014

Attorney communicationTo develop an opportunity mind set, you must always look for opportunities to contribute to your firm and your clients, expand your skills and be recognized for achievements.  Then when opportunities do come along, close them.

Let’s review three great examples, the CEO of one of the world’s largest companies, the Chairman and CEO of an organization with more than 400 enterprises, and my 5 year old grandson.

Mary Barra did not become CEO of General Motors without setting on a path that began with her first GM internship at age 19.  She moved from an engineering manager, to running a large manufacturing assembly plant, to Director of Human Resources (typically a dead-end job), to head of the company’s worldwide product development, to CEO of General Motors.  Her mantra is “This can be your path”.  It did not happen by just being the best at her assignments.  Yes she had mentors, but equally if not more important, she knew when to sell her accomplishments and commitment to the company.

Sir Richard Branson’s direction was set by his quote, “Opportunities are like busses; if you miss one, another will be coming along.”  And let’s add, “if you are looking for it.”  Starting out with a small music publishing business, Branson now owns over 400 diverse enterprises.

The third example is my 5 year old grandson, who loves to hug little girls.  I recently took him to a park and as we walked into the children’s play area, he saw a little girl standing off to the side.  He walked up to her, gave her a hug, and a minute later they were on the swings.  He saw the opportunity and closed the deal!

As you look to advance, remember that marketing bromide–

ABC – Always Be Closing.