The New Law Firm Taxonomy, And One That’s Doin’ It Well

September 21, 2015

LAW hammer on computer folder. 3D Icon isolated on white backgroThis week, Joe Borstein was able to chat with Bruce MacEwen, star law-firm consultant, author of the leading online law and economics publication, Adam Smith, Esq., and legal entrepreneur. Bruce’s view, which is in line with ours, is that for too long, Biglaw has been viewed as a monolithic industry; and it’s increasingly clear that that model is obsolete. Before you haters out there dismiss Bruce as one of the Bobs from Office Space, check out his insanely impressive academic bio (graduating magna in economics from Princeton, Stanford Law, and took course work at NYU’s MBA night program in his “spare time”). Bruce also paid his dues as an attorney, working for over five years as an associate at two major law firms and then toiling in-house for another decade at Morgan Stanley as a securities attorney. At Morgan Stanley he realized his true passion –- finding ways to combine “management and technology [ ] to enhance the practice of law.”  This makes Bruce one of our own — leaving the practice to pursue an alternative legal career.  Read the full post on Above the Law