The best of both worlds: Three OTC documentation advantages from the Thomson Reuters and Clifford Chance Partnership

September 27, 2016

s038030_building-imageIn an industry of inevitable change since the financial crisis, financial institutions still face a great deal of uncertainty looking to the future as additional financial and regulatory pressures are thrown their way. With the OTC derivatives market reforms, financial institutions must now utilize a centralized clearinghouse or be subject to higher collateral requirements. The new margin requirements vastly impact OTC documentation , driving financial institutions to find new ways to conduct business.

Tackling High-volume and time-consuming OTC Documentation

Recently announcing their partnership to the industry, Thomson Reuters and Clifford Chance, one of the world’s preeminent law firms, are well equipped to guide you through these uncertain times by offering the following three advantages to tackling the enormous OTC documentation challenge facing financial institutions today:

  1. Flexibility

What you need, when you need it, and where you need it with the ability to scale over time as your needs change. A customized playbook establishes a standardized approach for each institution to follow in negotiating and drafting contracts going forward.

  1. Cost Efficiency

A multi-shore presence, experienced professionals, and leading technology propel negotiations forward faster and at a lower cost.

  1. Trusted Expertise

Both organizations possess vast legal expertise in the financial industry. Thomson Reuters senior legal professionals with 10+ years of experience in global banks provide an additional layer of quality assurance and certainty. In addition, Clifford Chance is the market leader in all areas of derivatives-related regulation, attesting to their knowledge and success in ISDA-related documentation initiatives.

Already addressing day-to-day documentations needs, Thomson Reuters partnering with a law firm is a logical next step for large-scale regulatory remediation exercises. The partnership better positions a solid starting point for clients – the best of both worlds in managing OTC documentation and regulatory deadlines.

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