Delivering on the promise to bring to market a game-changing ediscovery offering

July 13, 2016

internet webAs the industry leading law technology, information and services provider, Thomson Reuters understands it has the power to build intuitive tools that will grow and change as client needs and the industry evolve.

Our new e-discovery platform, eDiscovery Point, is another step on the path to empowering our clients to succeed in a complex world.  Legaltech® news recognized the benefits that many of our clients have seen, and awarded eDiscovery Point it’s “New Product of the Year” as part of the 2016 Innovation Awards.

“LTN decided to honor a platform that entered the industry with a large splash. Not content to rest on name recognition, this product provided not only increased speed and efficiency for e-discovery practitioners, but a well-rounded offering that encapsulates new pricing managed services models as well to increase value.” Zach Warren, Legaltech news.

The product win comes off the heels of an ediscovery software review in Legaltech news, written by Brett Burney, where he described the new eDiscovery Point legal technology as “a triumph of simplicity, capability, and pricing practicality.”

Over the past years, Thomson Reuters assessed the crowded ediscovery market, speaking with many purchases of ediscovery products.  The research revealed that the majority of clients in this space were struggling with solutions that weren’t addressing their need for an easy-to-use product, pricing that make sense and excellent service.

Thomson Reuters developed eDiscovery Point from the ground up, combining Thomson Reuters’ robust power, security and service excellence with cutting-edge technology. We leveraged the knowledge and experience of our own Thomson Reuters award-winning document review team, who have used every ediscovery software platform around. We also collaborated with four law firms on the product – Paul Hastings LLP; Chaffetz Lindsey LLP; Kolesar & Leatham; and Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, P.C.. Each of these firms offered insights and guidance on their processes, provided input into the design, and rigorously tested eDiscovery Point.

“Our Design Partner firms are an important part of this journey and we’re proud to share this honor with them,” said Eric Laughlin, managing director of Thomson Reuters Legal Managed Services.

As James Jarvis, head designer of eDiscovery Point and vice president of product & partner Management who also led product management on WestlawNext®, said in a recent interview with Legaltech news, “For us, it was really critical not just to approach e-discovery from a capability perspective, but really to sort of cut it back and understand what are the lawyers trying to do for their clients, where are the opportunities to make that faster or simpler for them to get to that outcome.”

In an eDiscovery software comparison, Brett Burney further noted, “even more impressive, this is just the beginning: Thomson Reuters has the resources to make eDiscovery Point a formidable offering in the SaaS document review market.”

Listen in on what Eric Laughlin and James Jarvis, had to say about the win.