5 Steps for Moving from Paralegal to Litigation Support

September 20, 2017

Are you a paralegal considering the jump to litigation support? Consider these 5 steps to help ease your transition.

  1. Learn about ediscovery.

As the cornerstone of litigation support, ediscovery is the entire process of identifying, collecting, processing, reviewing and producing documents. Seeking educational opportunities or educating yourself on electronic file types is a great place to begin your journey.

  1. Learn about tools that will assist in handling ediscovery.

Multiple tools are available to assist in every aspect of litigation support. Thomson Reuters eDiscovery Point is an example of a tool that can assist you with data processing, review, analysis and production. Case Notebook can be utilized as a repository for pleadings, transcripts and key documents to be used throughout litigation and trial. Also, leverage providers like Thomson Reuters that offer teams of service professionals who can help if you need assistance or an extra set of hands.

  1. Make yourself available and work across teams.

IT and litigation support can sometimes be viewed as the same entity. Making yourself available to bridge any communication gaps across teams can be of incredible value to your firm.

  1. Get involved with user groups.

Social media is filled with groups dedicated to litigation support and ediscovery. Getting involved with the International Legal Technical Association (ILTA) or Legal Tech can be an effective way to make valuable contacts in the industry.

  1. Empower yourself and those around you.

Sometimes actions can be louder than words. Empower yourself to influence decisions. Offer suggestions when you see an opportunity and always be available to help with all things ediscovery.

Ediscovery is a rapidly growing field in great need of people who understand the concepts and day-to-day needs. Take advantage of this opportunity to get involved in an interesting and challenging component of litigation and become an even more indispensible resource for your organization!

Additional Resources

To learn more about the ediscovery world, I recommend attending one or all of the ediscovery webinars offered in the Ediscovery Education Matters Webinar Series. The complimentary sessions are hosted by ediscovery experts with the main goal being to provide insightful and tangible information and resources to legal professionals.