Staying Motivated

June 18, 2013

These are difficult times for lawyers.  Simply stated, there are too many law graduates for too few jobs.   This does not mean that you stop trying to find a job.  It’s vital to your long-term success that you stay motivated and focused on your job search every single day.   To help you stay motivated:

  • Start each day with a list of three items you must do to propel your job search forward.  For example, consult your local bar association for mentor programs that might put you in contact with practitioners; check Symplicity; or research firms in your area of interest to build your list of possible employers.
  • Remember that hiring is based on relationships, so focus on building relationships through informational interviews.  Most employers are interested in hiring someone who is passionate about a particular practice area, has practical experience, and demonstrates a desire to contribute as a team member to the firm’s success.  It takes time and effort to put yourself out there and connect in relationships, but the long-term benefits are incalculable.
  • Consider either contract work or volunteer work for the short-term.  Staying engaged in the legal profession and building your résumé should continue even if you have not secured a full-time position just yet.  Consider contract work on a short-term basis in order to structure your day and gain additional experience.  Volunteer legal work serves a similar purpose – you are building your résumé with relevant work and enlarging your network at the same.  These are short-term solutions, but will help to keep you motivated for the long-term.