Practicing Law in Small-Town America: Is “Green Acres” The Place for You?

August 5, 2013

My first book, Choosing Small, Choosing Smart (NALP, 3rd edition), grew out of my desire to teach law students and recent graduates about career opportunities with small firms.  Most U.S. lawyers practice either as solos or with firms of 25 or fewer lawyers, and many practice in small towns and rural communities.  Too many law students overlook the small firm market and many dismiss the idea of practicing in a small community.  Think outside the BigLaw box with Richard L. Hermann’s Practicing Law in Small-Town America.   Richard, a long-time practitioner with extensive experience, writes from the heart about why small town practice can be a deeply satisfying career move.  He offers great advice and ideas for aspiring small town practitioners.  If you’re interested in small town practice either now or in the future, take the time to read this book and expand your horizons beyond BigLaw.