What’s a license?

December 9, 2010

Let me start by saying, the e-Verify data is NOT on Westlaw (a surprisingly common request). But, in response to Mr. Hodnicki’s post, the Supreme Court clerks are welcome to call us.  A few of our recommendations:


KeyNumber: 238k1


Fletcher Cyclopedia of the Law of Corporations.  See FLETCHER-CYC § 2863: “Much confusion has arisen from not distinguishing clearly between the franchise of a corporation, which can only be granted by the state, and the permission, by ordinance, of a municipality for the exercise of the corporate franchise within the municipality. The latter is not a franchise, although it is often so referred. It is a license.” People v. Union Gas & Electric Co., 254 Ill 395, 98 NE 768.


CJS LICENSES § 1 et. seq.

American Law Reports: I’m a huge fan of ALR.  American Law Reports (ALR) is a great resource when you desire great depth for a narrow topic.  For example, Propriety of Federal Court’s Abstention, Under Burford v. Sun Oil Co., 319 U.S. 315, 63 S. Ct. 1098, 87 L. Ed. 1424 (1943), as to Claim that State or Local Statute or Regulation, or Application Thereof, Violates Federal Constitution or Conflicts with Federal Statute or Regulation—Issues Other than Land Use, Zoning, Social Welfare, or Family Law is approximately 90 pages long. I’m thinking ALR is not ripe for this research.  But, just in case, you might try “licenses and permits” in the ALRINDEX.

I welcome recommendations for those of you following this case.

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