WestlawNext Q&A: A simpler way to navigate a case

February 22, 2011

Q: Is there a way to jump to a specific part of a case I’m viewing?Q&A

A: Yes.

With WestlawNext, it’s easy to jump to a specific part of the case you are currently viewing.

The Go to menu allows you to directly skip to sections such as Synopsis, West Headnotes, Attorneys and Law Firms, Opinion, or Parallel Citations, depending on the case.

Additionally, as of February 11, the Page # and Skip to buttons have been replaced with the Go to menu.

The interface is intuitive. Click Go to, and a single menu containing the options from the former Page # and Skip to buttons is displayed.

To jump to a specific page number from the print reporter, type the number in the Page # text box on the menu and click Go.  To jump to any other option on the menu, simply click the option name.

Go to menu

Note: To jump to specific terms in the document, you still need to click the Search text in this document (magnifying glass) icon.