WestlawNext Mobile – Research On The Move – Part I

September 1, 2010

I had a phone call recently with a WestlawNext subscriber who was having difficulty with her research project. She was in court at the time and did not have access to a computer. During the course of using WestlawNext, I mentioned our mobile platform. We have previously mentioned our new mobile platform for WestlawNext here, but haven’t gone in-depth on some of the features included in our mobile version. This week the West Reference Attorneys will feature a series of posts demonstrating some of the tools you may find most helpful on this mobile platform. The tools highlighted this week are samples from customer requests and ones the West Reference Attorneys have found most helpful.

WestlawNext mobile is accessible on any smart phone with internet/data capabilities. You can find specifications and requirements on our website here. The WestlawNext platform is, by far, the most complete offering to date. Many of the features you enjoy on WestlawNext are included in the mobile version as well.

By entering http://next.westlaw.com on your mobile device (I used my Blackberry Bold), WestlawNext will automatically detect your phone and adjust accordingly.

Once you are signed in, you will notice access to the familiar search functions of WestlawNext, your folders, and our extensive library of content.

The customer I was speaking with was searching for hearsay rule in Texas to exclude testimony. Running a WestSearch on that phrase yields 505 cases, but WestlawNext recognizes the rule and offers it up in a nice, easy-to-click blue box.

When we clicked on the rule, we saw the full text of the rule as well the Commentary, Related Research, and Notes of Decisions.

Within just a few seconds we had not only been able to find the appropriate rule, but also case law to support her argument in court.  Access is included in your WestlawNext subscription and you can bill for the research time and retreive your searches and documents when you return to WestlawNext on your regular computer.

Tomorrow will feature how to empty all your file boxes for trial into your handheld device. Also, please let us know if you find the mobile version to be particularly helpful in your practice or in court. We’d love to hear your stories and share them (with your permission of course).