Westlaw Litigator: Bigger, faster, stronger … with newly enhanced messaging

July 21, 2009

In 2002, Westlaw Litigator began providing litigators with a wealth of resources to provide solutions that go beyond traditional research. By bringing pertinent information right to their desktops and automating some of the most tedious tasks in the litigation workflow, Westlaw Litigator has helped attorneys to be more productive from day one.

In the years since the introduction of Westlaw Litigator, Thomson Reuters has continued to invest in what litigators have said they need most: more content, more analysis, more service. Westlaw Litigator has continually been enhanced to tie all of these resources together and provide an integrated solution in one location. From client intake and case evaluation through trial and appeal, Westlaw Litigator provides market-leading solutions for all stages of litigation.

“Westlaw Litigator was developed after speaking with litigators and gathering an in-depth understanding of their ‘pain points.’ As we’ve gathered massive amounts of courtroom data, we have used KeyCite to integrate it and then we’ve built analysis and reporting tools to synthesize and provide meaningful output,” says Brian Knudsen, senior director, Practice Area Marketing. “In addition, we’ve capitalized on new technologies to address needs that litigators have beyond legal research, including productivity tools such as West Case Notebook that facilitate analysis of case information gathered during discovery and legal research, and services like West Court Reporting Services that provide deposition support.”

To inform customers, as well as Westlaw field staff, of the abundant and growing Westlaw Litigator product and service lineup, the marketing team has created a new campaign, including a video and short demo available on the thomsonreuters.com and west.thomson.com Web sites that illustrate how Westlaw Litigator increases productivity, creates efficiency and ensures accuracy throughout the litigation workflow.

  • Westlaw Litigator video: A two-minute “pride in litigation” piece describing how Westlaw Litigator supports litigators on their quest to have a positive influence in their industry and on society.
  • Westlaw Litigator Flash demo: This four-minute video compellingly illustrates how Westlaw Litigator provides a truly integrated solution, which is a significant advantage in the marketplace.

Please visit West’s Product Marketing Westlaw Litigator Story page to view the messaging our customers are receiving about our full offering of Westlaw’s litigation materials. This wiki site contains links to the materials listed above, as well as collateral pieces and other marketing information that you can use today to share the Westlaw Litigator advantages within your business initiatives.