Westlaw Court Wire: Like having your own team of courthouse runners

July 19, 2010

"Urgent" paper stamperInstead of waiting for new lawsuits to hit the docket, wouldn’t it be great to hear about them as soon as the complaint is made available by the court?

Whether you need to protect an organization, defend the legal interests of a client or develop new business, you know how hard it can be to stay on top of new litigation that can pop up just about anywhere in the country.

By combining cutting-edge technology with some good old-fashioned shoe leather, Westlaw has developed a new service that can deliver relevant new litigation filings directly to your computer or smartphone, almost as soon as they’re filed.

Westlaw Court Wire accomplishes this with a team of staff editors who constantly monitor 136 key state and federal courts around the country. Thanks to their efforts, users can get daily email reports and continuous notification alerts on new complaints for search terms they select.

Scannable archives of past feeds are available via a Westlaw tab, and new case notifications link right into Westlaw, which means you can download copies of complaints and request notification of ongoing developments in specific matters.

If you’re looking for flexibility in determining which cases are reported to you – and how they’re distributed to others within your organization – Westlaw Court Wire could be the key. Check it out at west.thomson.com/courtwire.