Topic & Key Number Reclassification

March 4, 2011

We have recently made several changes to our Key Number System and West’s Attorney Editors have completed the reclassification of approximately 348,000 headnotes. The Corporations (101) topic has been completely reclassified and has been renamed Corporations & Business Organizations.  The new topic will have a broader scope than the previous one.  Included in the new topic will be such entities as sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, business trusts, and business, trade, and professional associations.  The new topic will replace the following topics:  Joint-Stock Companies & Business Trusts (225) and Limited Liability Companies (241E).

We have also added a completely new topic, Common Interest Communities (83T).  This topic includes various residential associations, such as condominiums, cooperative apartments, homeowners’ associations, and time share and replaces an existing topic: Condominium (89A).  Some other changes include replacement of existing topic Trover & Conversion (389) by the new topic Conversion & Civil Theft (97C).  Similarly, the existing topic Conversion (97) has been replaced by the new topic Equitable Conversion (149T). There are also many smaller changes throughout the Key Number System.

KeyNumbers are applied to all cases retroactively.  And, any former key numbers will continue to exist on Westlaw beside the new key numbers, but will be tagged as “formerly.”  In that capacity, the former key numbers will remain searchable. To search for former topic and key numbers, go to the appropriate database and try a search such as: to(formerly +5 101k1)

I thank my colleague Susan R. for providing this information.