Top 5 Ways eLearning Caters to Attorneys & Legal Research

October 12, 2009

According to an article titled “The Online Learning Movement for Attorneys. Optimize Knowledge Retention,” from the September issue of Peer to Peer magazine,

“[Attornyes] appreciate how technological tools can facilitate the learning process. It is widely accepted that teaching on a student’s terms provides a deeper, richer learning experience and is ultimately more successful.”

Top 5 Ways That West eLearning Caters to the Individual Learner

  1. Courses are available anytime from anywhere
  2. Audio or no audio, you pick
  3. It’s all Free
  4. You cam earn gift cards and other incentive for completing lessons
  5. The lessons are short; most are less than 8 minutes long.

The West eLearning Center exists for the convenience of our clients. Since 2003, WeC’s catalog of courses has grown to over 300 recorded lessons and live webinars. Courses range from basic legal research tips, to awareness of advanced drug effects in medical litigation. We are always working to make the site better for our clients.

So stop by, and check out the site, and tell us what you think.