Supreme Court Tip: This Term’s Merit Cases

October 5, 2011

A very common question for Reference Attorneys is how to find this term’s Supreme Court cases?  One response is, why research when you can just get the answer? The SCOTUSblog’s Merit Cases page includes docket numbers, party names, argument dates, a short description of the case, and a link to the opinion when available. It’s also sortable by case name or date.

But, as researchers, we keep our powder dry.  It’s not enough to know what.  We also want to know how.  See for ourselves.  And, our own research gives us more discretion as far as how we wish to work with the results.

Here’s one recommended search.  In Supreme Court Dockets, try:

2011 2012 /25 “set for argument”

66 Results

From here, you can download the dockets.  On WestlawNext, you can also export the result list to a .csv file (‘comma-separated-values’ means it’ll open in Excel).  Fields include case title, filed date, docket number, and the docket’s WesltawNext URL.