Social Networking IPO Watch

January 14, 2011

Last month,  SecondMarket Inc received a request for information from the Securities and Exchange Commission. This spurred a number of research requests regarding social networking companies.   Researching private companies like SecondMarket and the private companies it serves can be challening.  Here are a few RSA strategies.


Reuters Insider has several videos on SecondMarket from CNBC.  Reference Attorneys do not support this product but its a great research tool.  Searching is easy.:

Trading on SecondMarket, CNBC

SEC to Pursue Private Exchange Platform

Investing in New Private Cos.,

First Look at SecondMarket

No Action Letters: In 2008, the S.E.C. allowed Facebook to issue restricted stock to employees without having to register the securities. You can find these letters in the Securities No Action Letters database (FSEC-NAL). Facebook’s NAL is here: Facebook, Inc. 2008 WL 4635592.

Business Citator Reports:  Due diligence queries using the Business Citator Report (BC-COMPANYSRBD) deliver a great deal of information including global filings, corporate overview, financials from SEC, litigation content, IP registrations, stock prices etc.  But, the info on private companies is sometimes limited.  Even so, the Citator Report for LinkedIn did include a link to a news article discussing LinkedIn’s forthcoming IPO and recent litigation activity.

IPO Monitor:  Facebooks’ IPO might not be imminent but LinkedIn appears to be pursuing an IPO. Track IPO’s by setting up a WestClip in the IPO Monitor database (IPOMNTR).  IPO Monitor covers initial public offering information from registration statements filed. Reports include recent pricings and recent filings.

The Compiled List of Social Media Applications: For a while now, Reference Attorneys have been talking about putting together a list of social media companies for searching Westlaw databases.  Here’s a start.  Some companies contain common terms (e.g. delicious) and require a little query massaging (hence the parentheticals).  Also, the search has been broken up into two parts because search boxes on Westlaw typically accept up to 640 characters.   We welcome your additions/corrections to the list.

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