Significant enhancements to the West Key Number System

August 17, 2011

We recently made several changes to our Key Number System. West’s Attorney-editors reclassified approximately 400,000 headnotes. Most significant changes are to Criminal Law (110) and Arrest (35). In the topic Criminal Law, the Key Number System has been substantially revised in several areas relating to the admissibility of evidence, such as “other crimes” evidence, statements and confessions, and evidence wrongfully obtained.  In the topic Arrest, major changes have been made with respect to police stops, among other issues.

Any former key numbers will continue to exist on Westlaw beside the new key numbers, but will be tagged as “formerly.”  So, the former key numbers will remain searchable. To search for former topic and key numbers, go to the appropriate database and try a search such as: TO(FORMERLY +5 110K1)

Thanks to my colleague Susan R. for providing this information.