July 26, 2012

One of my favorite features in WestlawNext is folders and I use them all the time. Folders are tied to the life of a password. As the end of summer nears, many summer associate passwords may end and so shall the folders associated with those passwords. I wanted to share a tip regarding saving the contents of the folders before the passwords end. There are a couple of easy things you can do. You can share the folders with someone within your organization so that your research is saved and available to others or you can save the content of your folders outside WestlawNext by exporting the contents of the folder.


In order for the content of your folders to be saved once your password expires, you can do the following two step process:

STEP 1: Share the folder with someone in your organization

  • Click on the folders link in the upper right corner of WestlawNext
  • Select the folder you wish to share
  • Click Options, select share

  •  On the next screen, select “share subfolders” and then you can either enter the email address of the person you want to share the folder with or you can click on the contacts link and follow the directions
  • You will then get a message that the folder is now share and the folder you shared will turn blue

STEP 2:  Have the person with whom you shared the folder to copy the contents of the folder to a folder they own because shared folders are also tied to the password of the owner of the folder

  • Your colleague should create a folder to which they wish to transfer the contents of the folder you shared with them. To create a new folder, you can create on new and follow directions. Make sure that the folder you create is nested under the folder you want

  • There is a section on the folders page that shows the folders “Shared with Me”.  Select the folder that you wish to copy, select “Copy” from the Options menu and then follow the directions.
  • If your colleague does not transfer the content from the folder that is in the “Shared with Me” section, then once your password expires, the shared folder will be deleted.


You can export and download an entire folder or multiple folders

  • Select the folder(s) you want to export
  • Click options and choose export
  • Follow directions
  • When the Ready for Download dialog box is displayed, click Download
  • Click open or save