Roger Clemens Charged with Perjury

August 23, 2010

Seven-time CY Young award winner Roger “The Rocket”  Clemens, one of the most well known pitchers in baseball, was indicted on Thursday on a series of charges related to lying to the U.S. Congress about using performance-enhancing drugs. He was charged with one count of Obstruction of the U.S. Congress, three counts of making False Statements and two counts of Perjury, in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

The charges stem from sworn testimony Clemens provided to House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform staff, and later to the  House Oversight and Government Reform Committee during February, 2008.  (See, for example, the February 13th, 2008 verbatim transcript: 2008 WL 376905 (F.D.C.H.))  In both instances, he testified that he had never used steroids or human growth hormones.  The indictment however, alleges that “[i]n truth and in fact, as Clemens well knew when he gave this testimony, Clemens knowingly received injections of anabolic steroids while he was an MLB player.”

The indictment is contained within the William Roger Clemens docket, which can be found by running (Def (Clemens)) & DN(1:10CR00223) ) within the DOCK-DC-DCT data base.


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