A ‘Rise’ in Infringement Claims

April 25, 2014

Patent LawDennis Crouch reported yesterday that April 23rd saw a marked rise in filing of infringement claims due to “an informally proposed amendment” to the patent reform bill which names April 24th as the effective date of an attorney fee shifting provision. In fact, a search in district court dockets for fld(04/23/2014) and nos(830) delivers 192 results:

Infringement suits filed 4/14 – 4/24:


One commentor to the Patently-O post complains, that “some ‘patent expert’ professor who never wrote (or read, for that matter) a patent application in his/her life (and of course the mainstream press) will make a graph with the ‘number of infringement suits’ EXPLODING …”

So far, there have been about 2,084 filings in 2014 which is slightly less than for the same period last year though certainly higher than previous years.

First ‘quarter’ infringement filings 2009 – 2014: