Retiring Westlaw Classic

September 3, 2014

WestlawThomson Reuters will retire Westlaw Classic on Aug. 10, 2015, after years of faithful service to the U.S. legal market. For customers that still rely on the legacy Westlaw Classic platform for some of their research needs, we are committed to ensuring a smooth and managed transition to WestlawNext.

Our customers have embraced WestlawNext, benefitting from the many advantages it affords. As the primary Thomson Reuters platform for legal research, WestlawNext also is the focus of our new product development and enhancements, including a new line of collaborative, matter-centric workflow solutions, as well as unique content.

For customers already using WestlawNext, there is little, if anything, that needs to be done. Thomson Reuters will work closely with customers using Westlaw Classic to manage their migration to WestlawNext.

We encourage you to contact your sales representative or account manager with any questions, and visit our support page to learn more about WestlawNext.