Resolving Pre-Trial Research Frustrations

November 16, 2010

Pre-trial research issues have some inherent, built-in challenges.  Typically, pre-trial issues are not litigated to the point where one might find, for example, ‘authority’ that supports a researcher’s particular view of an ugly discovery dispute.  Moreover, e-discovery obligations present new and significant challenges for litigators.  (See our interview with Robert Haig.)  And, rules of procedure aren’t often written to accommodate the calendaring systems of professionals who understand better than anyone else that deadlines matter.

This week, West author and Marquette University Law Professor, Jay Grenig visits Eagan to talk e-Discovery.  Mr. Grenig is author of eDiscovery & Digital Evidence (Westlaw database: EDISCOVERY).  We’re using the event as an opportunity to collect solutions for these pre-trial research challenges.  Specifically,

Mike will highlight available checklists and resources for sample discovery.

Ryan will discuss discovery sanctions.

Savita will provide queries for finding authority regarding discovery objections.

Todd will address timing and calendaring issues.

Finally, we’ll talk with Jay Grenig about eDiscovery, social media, and his ‘lawyer friendly’ approach to practicing law in the digital universe.