Westlaw tip: Navigating uniform code sections that aren’t so uniform

October 13, 2010

From the Westlaw Reference AttorneysUniformity is boring – unless you happen to be researching state codes.

Many states have enacted uniform laws but have used a unique codification numbering system. Thus, the Uniform Commercial Code’s statute of frauds section may be listed as 2-201 in the uniform version, but it is 402.201 in Wisconsin, 2-201 in New York, 2201 in Pennsylvania and 490:2-201 in Hawaii.

Rather than only using the code section as a search term, include language from the statute. For example, the next time you are looking for 2-201, try this search: U.C.C. “uniform commercial code” “commercial code” /p 2-201 (“between merchant” /s time /s writing) (“statute of fraud”).

(Provided by West Reference Attorneys)