WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: Top Tips of 2011: Sharing Folders Outside of Your Organization

February 20, 2012

Tip of the WeekWe’re starting 2012 with six of our customers’ favorite tips from 2011. Here’s this week’s “top tip” …

Folder sharing has evolved to the next level! First, WestlawNext® increased your productivity and efficiency by helping you share your research within your organization. Now, you can share folders outside your organization and tap into the collective knowledge of your entire research team.

Folders on WestlawNext help you to organize, manage and analyze your research by storing documents and snippets of text in folders. Experience dramatically enhanced productivity and efficiency when you share research in your folders with coworkers, as well as with outside counsel, co-counsel, and colleagues in other organizations.

Learn How

Sharing folders with team members who are outside your organization is as easy as sharing folders within your organization. The main difference is that people outside your organization receive an invitation before the share is completed on WestlawNext. To see exactly how this works, go to WestlawNext.com and click Watch a short demo. Alternatively, you can view the same 3-minute video tutorial in the WestlawNext Help Center – simply click Help in the footer, then click Video Tutorials and select Folder Sharing Across Organizations.


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